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Will involve a lot of problems in the process of contract of sale

loan details during the purchase process, housing loans have become mainstream in recent years, but many people were not aware of the sale contract will involve many issues, Proposed contract of sale the Bank unsecured loans companies ask people on both sides, so that in the process of signing the contract will avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

to ensure smooth transition of property right in real estate, buyers are best advised to House district construction Commission consult the files, ensure that the property is no mortgage, no seizure, no pledge, no disputes.

If special property must ensure that market conditions had been met to be signed, such as affordable housing needs at least 5 years before they can be traded, yangchanfang need to be approved by the State public endorsements have been handled prior to transfer of ownership of public houses to pay land leasing, -Property-housing cannot be traded.

must pay attention to in the course of housing loans, said some of the details of the problem, otherwise there may be deceived, we try to choose the credit guarantee institutions, late on our lending operations will be very safe, These are loans details during the purchase process, I hope for your help