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Unsecured loan application guide FAQs

1, has no regular job, can apply for unsecured loan?

a: though often said, the world is not impossible, but not working in the unsecured loan is very difficult. Any such taking into account the risks, their repayment ability is the most important consideration. If you don't have a job, there are other collateral, such as a House, a car, stock, you can apply for a mortgage loan.

2, loan approval, paid in advance, this is how to return a responsibility?

a: in such cases, and in fact can be ignored, contacts may be cheating on you. Lender does not succeed on a regular basis before the loan and ask you to pay any fees. Of course, an excuse to don't believe before payment of the cash code. Network of loans that you can demand "home" through online chat, phone, consult your loan qualification, understanding credit knowledge, but that doesn't mean all the flow of loans on the Internet. Formal loan is needed to interview you and lending institutions, and at the same time, we must remember.

3, says in the ad, no conditions, can apply for a loan, do you mean it?

a: is to attract customers, the customer service is really, you can handle it, but concrete action is hidden the mystery. Not all personal unsecured loan fast conditions. Bank and financial institutions, borrowing people must meet strictly of requirements, General has must of age limit, and has completely civil capacity; some has fixed residence of requirements, some need provides permanent housing of proved, most important of is need has a stable of income, no bad credit records, income stable of possibilities, to ensure on time repayment, no bad credit records, to ensure loan people of interests, this both integral; meet above conditions of, must get no guarantees personal loan needs loan may soon.

General requirements for more than 3000 Yuan a month, higher income, the loan amount will be higher. So-called no conditions to loans are just gimmicks. Provide collateral, you must have a good reputation and ability to repay.

4, unsecured loan what is the condition?

a: as long as we can through the water reflect your average monthly income of more than 3000 Yuan, good personal credit can apply for unsecured loans. Apply for unsecured loan, you need to provide a nearly 6-month Bank, proof of income, credit reporting, identity papers and other materials.