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Expert estimates that the first quarter of 2013 banks won't stop-second

2013 in recent times, there are rumors that a "first-tier cities will stop second homes", after the news spread, concern and discussion by the real estate industry. "First-tier cities will stop second homes" will be introduced, and this policy is feasible? In today's real estate market conditions, credit regulation will further raise it? In this connection, the Guangdong real estate interview Mr Deng Haozhi, RADIUS if the estate's Chief market analyst.

experts say that from a regulatory point of view, means today is still divided into the purchase, limited credits for two means, on the "first-tier cities will stop second homes" this measure is feasible technically, but in today's real estate market, spread this rumor and discusses his implementation, it is too premature to some extent.

    for the introduction of this policy, Deng Haozhi forecast in the first quarter of 2013, is not likely to launch. Mr Deng Haozhi that, in fact, signs of overheating in the real estate market has been more obvious, but the degree of overheating are still in the market and within tolerance of the Central, so this temporary policy will not come in the first quarter.

    in addition, this policy will in the "two sessions" during the show, Deng Haozhi thinks "two sessions" during the proposal for real estate on the real estate of tightness of a certain degree of contact, more proposals on the real estate market will be a year of "strictly controlling the year" proposal a year less, regulation is more relaxed.