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Lending operations

Commercial mortgage or business loan

mortgage, commercial housing loan agreement, security agreement or contract of insurance.

purchase of housing will involve the individual purchase of housing accumulation Fund loan agreement or commercial personal housing loan agreement or the housing accumulation fund personal purchases and the combination of commercial personal housing loan agreement, Provident Fund payment to individual housing loan guarantee agreement signed. commercial loans the Bank will ask for insurance, be signed insurance contracts with the insurance company.

according to provides. personal housing loan borrowing people should while has following conditions: has town resident account or effective residence identity; has blanket set of career and received people, credit good. paid loan taught principal and interest of capacity; has purchase housing of contract or agreement;

no housing subsidies of to not below by purchased housing all price of 30% as purchase of first payment ; Housing subsidies to individual purchases by 30% as part of the down payment; housing mortgage loan authorized assets as collateral or pledge. units or individuals or adequate compensation, as guarantor; the other conditions laid down by the lender.