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Lending operations

Analysis of commercial loans and fund loans

personal housing accumulation Fund loan and commercial housing loans to individuals, mainly in the following 5 different points:

(1) loans in different subjects. Personal housing accumulation Fund loan is a major housing Provident Fund Management Centre, the main commercial individual housing loans of commercial banks.

(2) loans are different. Home loan commercial credit examination of the person is a natural person, the repayment ability of provident personal loans business objects in addition to the conditions required for personal loans, must also be a normal deposit fund for more than 12 months.

(3) loan financing is different. Personal commercial housing loan business of the Bank's own money (deposits of residents or units), individual sources of housing accumulation Fund loan funding sources is an excellent unit housing accumulation Fund of the individual.

(4) different rates. Lending rates are divided into two levels, especially personal housing accumulation Fund loan for a period of 5 years (5 years) and a monthly interest rate of 3 per thousand, over 5 years, a monthly interest rate of 3.375 per thousand, while commercial bank personal loan for a period of 5 years (5 years) and a monthly interest rate of 3.975 per thousand, over 5 years monthly interest rate of 4.2 per thousand.

, for example: the borrower a loan of 100,000 yuan for 10-year loans, Provident Fund for the repayment of 1014.83 Yuan, total interest 21780. Loan repayment is 1062.6 Yuan, total interest 27513.4.

(5) different subjects for credit risk. Personal loan risks of commercial banks, commercial bank loans risk loans personal loan in provident fund housing Provident Fund management institutions.

of housing accumulation Fund loan, should be carried out in accordance with the following procedures:

(a) the borrower apply for housing accumulation Fund loan requires submission of a written application, the municipal housing fund management center of housing accumulation Fund loan, fill out an application form and provide related material.

(ii) review and qualification of municipal housing Provident Fund management centres are responsible for the borrower, guarantor eligibility, loan amount and loan term of the agreement, the borrower signed a contract or an agreement with the Centre, and in accordance with the rules of the provisions of the insurance contract.

(c) completion of the loan, give notice municipal housing fund management center, Bank loan, Bank loan after receiving the notice of loan transfer procedures

special remind: purchased by the borrower to pay, their provident funds, the Bank estimated, we can know the value of the loan, the monthly payment amount. According to the Fund management regulations, once a year. A extraction assumed customer annual Provident Fund 15000 Yuan, and monthly Provident Fund loan repayment amount for 1500 Yuan, commercial loan repayment amount for 1000 Yuan, in repayment way can select "balance credit method, that red of" extraction housing Provident Fund loan and commercial loan of months returns (total 2500 Yuan), balance for 12500 Yuan one-time reimbursement housing commercial loan of principal reimbursement housing Provident Fund, commercial loan, paid Provident Fund loan principal, because commercial loan interest rate above Provident Fund loan interest rate. "Washing the loan, the borrower can choose" relationship with the original repayment period, or select the same repayment period, repayment to reduce the monthly payments. However, the number of commercial banks for prepayment customers is limited. If the customer chooses "equal principal repayment", equal monthly due to the loan amount, to remain unchanged for 2500, reserve fund of 15000 Yuan, according to the original payment method charges 2500 Yuan a month in a row. When the balance is getting low, the borrower will be paid in a timely manner, in full into the bank card used for payment, two repayment options, customers can choose according to their actual conditions.

of housing accumulation Fund loan assumption that individuals and organizations have to pay Housing Fund for urban employees continuous period of one year. Town workers personal housing Provident Fund loan application of, should submitted following file:

personal information: application loan of personal (following referred to "borrowing people") of about identity of identity proved file and spouse proved (ID or other effective documents and set) the 4 copies, marriage certificate (single certificate, marriage certificate, divorce card or divorce, widowed who must provides other of death proved). 4 copies of 4 valid documents to purchase 4 copies of the borrower or their spouse's income; the original purchase 4 contract law, as well as the seal of the borrower and his or her spouse. In addition, you must provide borrowers housing Provident Fund deposit certificates. These materials, copies of original and copy.

construction data: housing in advance (sales) license or approval of reform of the housing system, construction project planning permit, construction permit, planning permit of construction land, State-owned land use permit recommends careful layout and floor plan.

buyers of housing accumulation Fund loan conditions, delegate for Provident Fund loans of banks and institutions, but the latest Fund Management Center or the Center, the Department of management application for Provident Fund loans.

clearly demands that the project first mortgage banks developed, sold "five cards" is complete, you can give yourself and other relevant program requirements. If the developer provides "five cards" are complete, but does not purchase or loan for Provident Fund.

the statutory retirement age, for a maximum period of 30 years loan term, loan amount of loans worth more than 400,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan of loans, the employee can apply directly to the entrusted Bank, 30-400000, must be approved by the Housing Fund Management Center.