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Three auto purchase financing means analysis

Spending tomorrow's money today. For car users, auto purchase financing is also a worthwhile purchase path. At present, the low bank interest rates. Some time ago media reports, China has entered the era of negative interest rates. For users, if the cost of capital is low, then select Auto purchase financing is quite profitable.
     loan principal has a car commercial loans, credit card loans and auto finance company loans in three ways. This three car modes have different features, consumers can choose according to their circumstances.
    cars commercial loans
     car high business loan threshold, apply for car loans of the commercial banks, recurrence of more mixed, high thresholds, require lenders to submit the information and the audit process is also more strictly.
     at present, some banks have begun to gradually raise interest rates and car loan audits are also more stringent. It is reported that many banks in the auto loan business, often taken to be "different". Civil servants, doctors, teachers and other professionals tend to be more stability easy access to consumer loans, lines of credit, while you can enjoy the most preferential rates. Persons and professional stability, job change frequently, even if income is high, easy access to the Bank's prime lending rate.
    1, the threshold is high, more recurrence miscellaneous, review more stringent
    2, in addition to interest, there are other expenses
    personal car loan application and submit the relevant information to the customer-bank to investigate, review and approval-sign a loan contract-insurance, notary-loans, guarantees and other formalities.
    typically charge on credit card lending, no interest payments
     the application process is simple, according to cardholder spending and the credit situation, good qualification can apply for staging car, currently staging General Bank credit cards do not charge interest, Fees established in the first month of a one-time charge to the Bill, but credit card instalments for a maximum 2-3 years, staging the largest sum of up to 200,000 yuan.
    1, lines of cars are limited, credit card loans amount to 200,000
    2, part of the Bank to the holder of credit card holders years required
    3, purchases on credit card lending vehicle limits , The purchase of more cooperation with the manufacturers model
    4, do not charge interest, only charge a fee

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