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Should not unilaterally look at the manufacturing sector to become bad loans

Within two or three years after the outbreak of the financial crisis, banks credit funds invested reached an extreme. But the release of loans to the manufacturing sector far less government financing platforms, developers and other unproductive industries. Because of the credit volume was put, brings the rapid rise in prices, rising cost of manufacturing enterprise quick, sharp decline in efficiency, forming a "squeezed at both ends."
has just announced completion of banks showed that by the end of June, 16 listed banks ' total loans past due more than 430 billion yuan, representing growth of more than 90 billion yuan at the beginning. Among them, the five big state-owned banks ' overdue loans the year all increased by more than 10%, an increase of attaining larger China Construction Bank, industrial and commercial bank of 43.4%, 38.1%. By a relatively small Bank of China, agricultural Bank of China, also rose by 19.1%, 15.72%.
data also show a distribution of bad loans are mainly concentrated in the manufacturing and business enterprises, their bad loans as a percentage of total bad loans of nearly 50%.
so, how to look at manufacturing as bad loans "workhorse" and play the bad loan "lead"?
the most direct and most important reason, is naturally the impact of the financial crisis, led to two market demand are Contracting sharply, manufacturing enterprises in trouble, affects the efficiency of the capital flow, reducing liquidity, caused by increased funds, repayment difficulties, bad loans BACK