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No Sunshine private investment private equity

SME private debt has recently opened, first rate in between 8.1% to 13.5%, after the looted and empty. However, despite the high rate of temptation, but owing to the difficult research, less liquid, the trust deed and the investment costs of four factors, most private Sun is still in a wait-and-see.
kaishi investment General Manager Chen Jiwu told securities Times reporter: "SMEs operating status variables, so far without the participation of the main reason for this is no research thoroughly, but will continue to monitor. "Research difficulties are common problem referred to a large private Sun. SME private debt recording system, no rating requirement and responsibility to identify risks to the market. Shanghai said one private-equity firms, is proportional to the benefits and risks of any product, small and medium enterprises private placement yields of more than 8%, like stocks, participation is needed in research, which is not a listed company, it is difficult to truly understand the bond principal.
liquidity concerns followed by private debt, SME private debt in fixed income in the SSE comprehensive platform and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange trading platform for comprehensive agreements, its weak liquidity in exchange of credit variety. Anso Tong Guolin, General Manager of investment, said: "We hope that appropriate participation in private debt, such as debt-buying company specialising in private, indirect participation can solve liquidity problems. "
again, currently in trust contract made no mention of the private debt, a new variety of SMEs. Private participating bonds in Shanghai said the Trust bond investment provisions stipulated in the contract, bonds can only participate in the AA-level and above. Finally, the participation costs also need to be considered. In addition to absorb the costs of bond research talent, and proceeds can cover the cost of financing problems. "If debt financing of private bank notes into SMEs, may be rejected. "A private who said. In addition, there are private said that the issuance of private debt and real high risk high yield there is distance, because part of the SME's bond with the stability of local government property, have not broken free of all kinds of invisible security, minimize financing costs have failed.
therefore, the trust is involved in small and medium enterprises qualified investors to buy and transfer private debt, but private Sun in investing in SMEs based on trust platform private debt is still a long way.

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