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Hard to find supporting figure after private Sun face

But throughout 2008 Sunshine private industry, in addition to assets under management and the number of company continues rapid expansion, but most first-line, second-tier private companies maintain with the Sun "key figures" grasp the absolute right to speak solo era, and many private-label diversified talent team, in fact they can only stay on the promotional album.
what is the bundled private Sun's pace, so that large and small companies have been stuck in the "solo" era?
"solo" mode is the mainstream of China's private Sun is an "investment decision-making highly concentrated" industries, at least for now that is the truth.
across the industry, most of the teams are one to two key figures leading the investment situation, whether it is the management of these companies to tens of billions, or small in scale to thousands of investment performance depending on the "absolute power" companies everywhere.
big as scale near billion of et investment of Qiu Guogen, and Ze Hee investment of drama, or as industry backbone level of star stone investment of Jiang Hui, and freshwater springs investment of Zhao, again down to 2 billion following level of source Le Sheng of Zeng Xiaojie, and which of Shi Bo, or past two years performance conspicuous of is Swiss investment Rui Kun, and jinzhonghecengjun, until almost a people Dan Xia investment big any of Bo yi investment of Xu Dacheng. Currently the mainstream model in the industry is "invest in core responsibility".
investment is core responsibility is, the company founder, who is also the managing posts (President or Chairman), Chief Investment Officer, almost all of the product manager sets all in one.
to buy the Fund's third-party data, for example, source Le Sheng 13 fund managers are Zeng Xiaojie one, fresh water springs in 28 of 29 products Manager for Zhao, Wudang investments over more than 20 product manager is the founder of Tian ronghua, a core collection of silver in 16 investment managers are even. These are the industry develop better private-equity firms.
even bigger chongyang investment, Qiu Guogen, the founder of the company who had all 10 of its private-equity fund managers, et has arranged 6 products, of course there are also other funds. BACK