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28 income generated by a share this year, more than 1 billion richest

Shares in 2012, out of an awkward "m" type, on the IPO of the chain, however, other shareholders other than return no retreat, other links are still sharing a vast wealth "feast." This year, the Shenzhen IPOs were 145, the birth of the 561 natural person shareholders, total market value of 133.521 billion yuan, per capita wealth of more than 238 million Yuan. 561 new billionaires, there are 236 worth billions of dollars, including 28 top tycoons feast of IPO this year harvested more than 1 billion yuan in assets. Is of concern, also labeled "wild" label "$literal", wealth-creation effect has been even more significant, their presence is not only active in the in the list of shareholders of listed companies, even entering management. Shares made rich effect of increments effect, and Cenozoic Regal of younger, and will to listed company brings which change?
561 bit rich made rich 133.5 billion yesterday, venture board shares North letter source listed, by its "first show" disc in the most high 33.58 Yuan calculation, ten shareholders list in the of 8 bit natural shareholders again staged has "a night rich" of play code. Among them, the top-ranked Lin Hao holding 32.625 million shares, worth blink at 1.096 billion Yuan; Tan such as, while the remaining 7, market value have ranged from more than 8 million to more than 50 million. In other words, an IPO, has created at least 8weiyiwan rich.
in fact, this is not accidental. Contrast to the situation two years ago can be found this year, the a-share IPO pace has slowed, but still intense issue. As of September 12, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets in IPOs during the year a total of 145, the cumulative real raise capital of 93.972 billion yuan.
of the previously issued shares, while the "three high" has declined, but its "rich" has not weakened. In this new Regal table, actual controllers of listed company of paper wealth is certainly the most talked about. If 60 of 145 new listings only natural persons who actually control calculations, its total assets amounted to 57.822 billion yuan, not only does everybody worth billions of dollars, also includes a Regal 19 1 billion level. It is worth mentioning that these statistics only include top ten shareholders of listed companies of natural persons in relation to the statistical standard, due to the complexity of information, through the company's indirect stake in "stealth" rich is not counted among them. In other words, this year's a-share real data-rich than these values even more. BACK